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Naivasha Town


Naivasha Town


Nestled on the shore of the eponymous lake, the market town of Naivasha boasts an enviable location
and serves as gateway to several national parks, including Hell's Gate– inspiration for the landscapes
of Disney's "The Lion King." Boating among the hippos of the vast, placid lake; camping; and bird-
watching top the list of things to do in Naivasha. Tourism here also includes a variety of day trips
and excursions to nearby natural sights: climb Mount Longonot, bike around the lake, or explore the
game park safaris. Naivasha is in Rift Valley Province.
Lake Naivasha is home to impressive numbers of hippo! There are a lot of fish here too. Another main
attraction is a haven for birds, with over 400 species recorded to date. These include the magnificent
Goliath heron and eight other types of heron, in addition to loads of ducks, geese, grebe, guinea fowl,
storks, flamingos, cormorants, pelicans, egrets, bitterns, ibises, spoonbills, hawks, kites, coots, cranes,
kingfishers, bee-eaters, parrots, owls… and that’s just for starters!
Other activities available in and around Lake Naivasha and are boating safaris, horse riding, and trips to
Crater Lake (which has its own game sanctuary), to the local geothermal power plant, to local flower
farms, and to Lake Oloiden. # insipirock

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