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About KMI

Knowledge Management International

(KMI) Knowledge Management International’s team of experts and trainers, are reputable and internationally trained, multicultural, experienced and capable individuals steeped to provide a range of knowledge management solutions for business growth and innovation.


(Knowledge Management International) professionals are passionate about providing knowledge management solutions to governments, organisations of all sizes, International NGOs and SMEs that have measurable results and are driven by continuous performance.

Our professionals have the capabilities; experience, competence, and knowledge to assist corporations transform the knowledge in their possession to add value to the organizational processes, operations, decision making and improvement on the bottom line and return on investment (ROI).
KMI (Knowledge Management International) professionals hold the highest standards and responsibility to ensure accountability to the commitments that we make to our clients, adopting creative solutions in tailor-made approaches for each organisation.

KMI (Knowledge Management International) strategically partners with corporations to do a ‘needs assessment’, and provide detailed guidance, recommendations and reports crafted for your business success.

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