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Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training

Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training

For employees and their managers to communicate and collaborate effectively, they need to be able to express their views and ideas clearly, concisely, and confidently. This Communication & Interpersonal skills training course is designed for all employees in the organization.
The course will enhance employees’ self-awareness and understanding of the strengths of each team member.

This insight is useful in building a cohesive team. The course will enhance sustained high quality working relationships among employees and their managers. Employees will also feel motivated to perform at their best.

Team leaders, cluster leaders, unit managers, and senior managers on a daily-basis need to tailor their content and style to various audience and are usually looking for insights on how to effectively make good business decisions; hence the need to promote free-flowing communication.
Managers will turn employees weaknesses into strengths so that they can encourage their employees to perform at their best.

A customized course for managers will address the qualities of a good leadership and the approach needed for each type of leadership. These traits form the basis of good and excellent interpersonal skills.
Course attendees will acquire skills on how to use positive attitude and learn new ways of expressing themselves effectively and with confidence among their peers and senior managers.

The attendees will also learn how to manage themselves better, especially when facing work situations which cause them stress, how to influencing others, and learn how to sell their ideas and products effectively. They will gain skillful insights on understanding how and why other people behave and react as they do which is useful especially when working in a culturally diverse environment.

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