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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence( EI) helps leaders understand and develop emotional intelligence competencies that make the difference between average and stellar performers in leadership positions. Emotional Intelligence is related to specific behaviors that are associated with leadership effectiveness.

Higher levels of EI are associated with better performance and self-management.
Exceptional leaders are those who have greater levels of self-awareness and who are not only able to manage themselves but also able to understand and work effectively with others.

This interactive three-day programme is perfect for managers and other cluster leaders who want to develop their own self-awareness and leadership skills and lead their teams to enhanced performance and business growth.

This course can be customized to suit the work programmes.

EI is also an excellent course of everyone else because it offers self-awareness.
Self-awareness is important in learning ones’ traits, feelings and behaviors. This will translates into how relationships are handled at a personal level and even at work. The emotionally intelligent team leaders can motivate the team members and coach staff to ensure efficiency and productivity

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