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Introduction – Knowledge Management Kenya

Knowledge Management Training – Besides the physical assets, people are the most important resource in an organization. Organizations must embrace knowledge management to ensure that they maximize the use of all the knowledge resources in their possession and keep relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Knowledge management cuts across the whole enterprise. As with many physical assets, organizations understand that the value of knowledge can erode over time. It can get out-of-date fast. Over time, it can become irrelevant too. How about employee skills? Worse still, organizations can lose the knowledge in their possession when employees leave the corporation. How does your organization therefore ensure that it retains the knowledge of its employees when they leave the organization? Knowledge Management training will provide solutions that will ensure retention of knowledge, that the knowledge in your organization is both up-to-date and relevant, and that knowledge creation is not just a reserve of a few people or certain departments in the organization.

Who should attend:

Participants from diverse professional backgrounds; Managers, human resource personnel, researchers, information managers, library staff from academic institutions and special libraries, knowledge managers, archivists, records managers, information technology staff, administration staff, lawyers and the para-legal personnel, financial services personnel, executive support staff, Senior managers, and operations staff. (Knowledge Management Training)


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