Knowledge Management International

Management Training

Management Training

Our training objective is to support organizations, International NGOs, and SMEs with strategic staff development, to fully develop their potential through extensive client-driven consultation and hands-on training.

These essential skills training are aligned, integrated, and creatively blended in your businesses outfit, for the business success and to create excellence and accelerate innovations. KMI offers practical and flexible training solutions; seminars, conferences and workshops.

To get the most value of a corporation’s human capital assets, KMI provides support and tools to leverage knowledge in corporations, in the management of intellectual assets, through staff training, coaching and mentoring of staff in all levels – technical staff, managers, administrative staff, and team leaders.

Knowledge Management International offers the following courses:


  • Library Management Services
      • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Information Technology Services
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Enterprise Content Management Training (ECM)
  • Information Architecture, Taxonomy building and search training
  • Organizational & Cultural Change Management Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Documentation and Information Management Training
  • Research
  • Web design & Development
  • Team Building
  • Knowledge Management Training
  • Operational Improvements

Communication and Interpersonal Skills Course
5 Days Training
For employees and their managers to communicate and collaborate effectively, they need to be able to express their views and ideas clearly, concisely, and confidently. This Communication & Interpersonal skills training course is designed for all employees in the organization. The course will enhance employees’ self-awareness and understanding of the strengths of each team member.

Team Building Course
Course Duration: 3 Days Training
A leader must have the ability to mobilize and strengthen the will of their people through their words and policies. A leader’s most important task is to motivate the employees to do an excellent job at the tasks assigned to them. People on the other hand perform at their best when they are committed to an effective leader, within an environment of open communication,
creating an open, trusting environment.

Microsoft Office Training
Would you like to improve your career or job prospects? Are you looking for a new and flexible approach
to gaining high-level information technology (I.T) skills? Then read on… It’s very simple for you to enhance those vital Office IT and Business Information Management skills you need to improve your job prospects.

Web design and Development Course
Web design 2 Weeks
The worldwide web has over the years, transformed the way business is done. We carry the web everywhere with us; on our smart phones, laptops and tablets. It is critical that websites are therefore instantly accessible, easy to navigate, content-rich and engaging.

Documentation and Information Management Training
3 Days Training
Information management is highly related to business processes and business growth. It is not limited to a single department in the organization or a particular set of employees. It cuts across all areas of the organization. Information about business strategy, lessons learnt, and the corporation’s future plans, is very important to ensure business continuity and progress.

Emotional Intelligence Training
3 days Training
Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps leaders understand and develop emotional intelligence competencies that make the difference between average and stellar performers in leadership positions. EI is related to specific behaviors that are associated with leadership effectiveness.

Leadership and Management Training
3 Days Training
Leadership is critical in the development and implementation of knowledge management programmes. Our Leadership and Management training courses are focused on developing managerial skills and leadership excellence.

Knowledge Management Training
Duration 3 weeks

As with many physical assets, corporations understand that the value of knowledge can erode over time.
Worse still, corporations can lose the knowledge in their possession when employees leave the corporation. Organizations turn-over has increased three-fold in the last couple of years due to the economic down-time and a near recession. How does your organization therefore ensure that it retains the knowledge of its employees when they leave the organization?

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