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Web Design and Development Training

Web Design and Development Training

Web Design: The worldwide web has over the years, transformed the way business is done. We carry the web everywhere with us; on our smart phones, laptops, desktop and tablets. It is critical that websites are therefore instantly accessible, easy to navigate, content that is rich and engaging.

The web is particularly important in the fast paced world for reading the newspapers, shopping for clothes, groceries, cars, name it. What about children’s homework? The web is also full of useful information and reference materials for researchers, students, and government bodies. Many people today rely on the web for the most current information in their fields of expertise.

Course Outline

Adobe Dreamweaver is a professional web design program created to produce highly professional websites from a standard HTML & CSS site to fully functioning e-commerce solutions.

This course will teach you HTML, HTML 5, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It has powerful interface which you can quickly use to create layouts, manage site content and check for any code based browser compatibility issues. Dreamweaver’s built in file synchronization manager allows designers to track the upload and download of site components in just one click.

You will be taught how to create; basic webpages, embed Images, embedded CSS, Externally-linked CSS, Tables / Dividers. Introduction to Dreamweaver, Using CSS in Dreamweaver, working with JavaScript, fixed and floated Dividers in Dreamweaver, Creating Forms in Dreamweaver / making Forms ‘live’ and web analytics, making mockups using Macromedia Firework/Adobe Photoshop.

Students taking this course will gain the knowledge and skills required to become a Web Design Professional. The course will also give you industry recognize certifications and help you build a portfolio that will demonstrate your competence to employers, peers and customers. With this course you will also be able to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Analytics and Graphic Design concepts.

Web Design and Development Service

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