Consulting Solutions in Kenya

Knowledge management cuts across the whole organization. KMI endeavors to assist or organize the knowledge objects in their possession, across the whole enterprise, making them available from a single point(s) of access.

KMI supports organizations in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of knowledge management programmes’ policies and projects that lead to business growth and innovation.

We provide quality consulting services to organizations and individuals through identification of challenges and opportunities, design and development of skills oriented training programmes in; management, Information management, digital marketing and entrepreneurship development.

We provide consulting, training and research opportunities to our esteemed customers. We have the unique combination of practice, research, education and consultancy. Since the process of implementing KM is as individualised as the people and organisations it is directed towards, we offer tailor-made approaches to each organization.

KMI strategically partners with corporations to do a ‘needs assessment’. We provide detailed guidance, recommendations and reports to ensure that a holistic knowledge management programme is unique in each corporation.

KMI takes pride in delivering solutions that are intuitive and customized to suit your business needs. Contact us to let us know of your needs.